PictiSpin Instructions

Step One:

Type a letter — any letter!  Or combination of letters using the reverse characters included in each and every PictiFont set.  Adjust said characters so that the Rings “lock” together to create one Ring in the center of the pair.

Step Two:

Once you are happy with your initial design, copy and paste another set directly on top of the first image.  Rotate 180°.

Step Three:

Select the entire new design (first and second images included) and again copy and paste directly over your current image.  Rotate 90°.

Step Four:

You may continue this process as many times as you like, always dividing the last rotation amount by two.  You may then use your completed SpinOut in any way you like!  Add a photo or logo to the opening left in the middle.  Drop your SpinOut in another PictiFont character.  Change colors with each spin.  The options are limitless, and we would love to see what YOU come up with!  Please feel free to post your own creations here on our Blog to share with the world.  And remember … anything you create, you too can Illuminate it — graphically!


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