PictiFont Having Interchangeable Indicia Is Alive!

What is a PictiFont®?

PictiFont® is a new and exciting hybrid typeface that provides both graphic and written communication at a glance. Simply drop your graphic file – logo, symbol, photograph, drawing, whatever – into the open spaces that have been integrated into the font characters themselves and you have created a unique visual. The sans serif font includes both open and closed typefaces. Alternative characters are reversed, allowing your graphic to “lock” them together. Each Buying Choice in this family includes PictiFont® – Plain, which features a complete character set for use with the decorative elements or on its own.

PictiFont is easy to use and limitless in its versatility. Patent pending.

As of today, 7/7/11, PictiFont® lives and breathes here onWordPress and at MyFonts.com!  After many months of blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights and endless days, drawing, kerning, erasing, rearranging, rekerning, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, we have launched our brand new patented product in the form of a “font having interchangeable indicia”.  We are so excited to bring this to the world, and can’t wait to bring you new and fun ideas!  In the near future, be sure to watch for new fonts, new symbol sets, and new ways to use our typefaces.  

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PictiFont: Teacher’s Pet?

A is for Apple

It’s back-to-school time, and I have been paying attention to the news about teachers all over the country (USA) who are dipping into their own pockets to purchase classroom supplies. School budgets are being cut, educators are strapped for cash, and budgets are so tight that teachers’ annual stipends do not cover the cost of materials needed for simple things like decorative borders for classroom bulletin boards, arts and crafts materials, paper stock, etc.  And although I can only speak about the country I live in, I understand that the problem is worldwide. Frankly speaking, I think it is sad that teachers have to come up with funds out of their own pockets to create quality lesson plans for the school year. Teachers feel the pinch, students feel the pain, and parents are being asked to offset the costs of this worsening educational problem.

PictiFont’s typeface having interchangeable indicia can help teachers and educators create lesson plans on a limited budget. Teachers can plan and build classroom lessons with PictiFont simply, and maybe within their annual stipends. The “A is for Apple” illustration above demonstrates PictFont’s translation potential, and below is a brief list of other areas PictFont could help teachers who have access to a computer and a basic editing software.

Teachers and Educators can create:

1. Stickers


3. Charts

4. Math Games

5. Arts and Crafts

6. Language Learning

7. Machine Learning

PictiFont is eager to be “Teacher’s Pet”!

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Cereal Box RE-Use featuring PictiFont, paper scraps, and found objects!

Eating my cereal this morning…reading the box…and saw this:  “REUSE — cereal boxes for crafts.  Make cards, gift boxes, and organizers.”

Cereal BoxHmmm….  Okay, then!  I’ll DO it!  And show you how to do create this…

STEP 1:   Draw a few designs that you might like to use as a template for your Card Box.

STEP 2:   Trace your chosen design onto the front of the cereal box and cut out.

STEP 3:   Reverse template and trace on inside or back of box and cut out.

STEP 4:   Cut sides from front edges to back edges to complete your box.

STEP 5:   Choose whatever paper strikes your fancy to cover the outside of your box.  This is a great opportunity to REUSE leftover wrapping paper so it doesn’t end up in a landfill!STEP 6:   Use whatever adhesive you have available to affix the paper to your box.STEP 7:   Trim excess paper from edges.STEP 8:   Repeat Steps 5-7 for inside of box.STEP 9:   Select a word to describe what your box is for, choose a font (I am using PictiFont – Ring and Plain), and print out in a complimentary color.  OR, simply REUSE a phrase cut out of a magazine, old greeting card, junk mail, etc.  STEP 10:   Decorate at will!!!  This is the fun part, and another excuse to use “found objects” and scraps of treasures you have been keeping for just the right project.

·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·   ·•◊∏◊•·

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I am a die-hard REAL PAPER scrapbooker! I find that rather conflicts with my desire to save the trees…

SO — in my attempt to balance creativity with conscience, I’ve realized I need to give digital scrapbooking a try. And here is my first attempt, using our own font. The fun part was being able to place additional photos of the site inside the letters, as well as spots of color (as in the name of the location) that tie in to the rest of the page. The flip flops are actually from our On The Beach symbol set, so not only can I use snippets from pics that didn’t make the cut, just about any image can be inserted into the opening to TOTALLY personalize a lay-out! Notice how you can see the background showing through the ring — can’t do that by just placing a circle on top of a letter! And since I am just in the beginning stages of going digital, I don’t have a lot of images built up yet and had to create them from scratch. Watch for the sun and compass in an upcoming nautical-themed symbol set!

As for saving the trees, we heartily encourage everyone to use post-consumer and/or renewable resources when available (hemp, for example) for all your scrapping, stamping, or printing projects.

Point No Point

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PictiFont — Personalization or Representation of the Unconscious Self?

“Individualization is a process of transformation whereby the personal and collective unconscious is brought into consciousness.”  (Jungian Psychology)

In today’s marketplace, personalization includes using technology to accommodate the differences between individuals.  In fact, today more business-to-business and business-to-consumer industries are exploring ways to make it possible for you and I to personalize the products we choose to purchase.  PictiFont® has recognized the exploding trends in personalization of things like iPod® cases, clothing, paper goods, etc., and we are very excited to offer our technology in the form of a font having interchangeable indicia to help people with the need to express themselves as individuals.  As for the “unconscious self”…well, we will leave the vocation of unmasking to the professionals in the field of psychology!

Here are a few samples!

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PictiFont as Robot’s “Frame” of Reference?

Can PictiFont help fuse typography and symbology together to help solve the robot‘s question:

Where in the world am I?

PictiFont has demonstrated to us graphically that the typeface has translation potential, so we will investigate further into the field of Machine learningrobotics and artificial intelligence to find out if the hybrid “font having interchangeable indicia” could help solve some challenges with the robot’s optical character recognition, scene text recognition, text localization, goal recognition, path planning, computational power, landmark recognition, robot vision, and robotic localization, Natural language processing, Sophia. Text to Image.

But more importantly, we would like to see our typeface help humans and robots read the same signage and receive the same information.  We are very excited about PictiFont’s potential for education, both to ourselves as well as our “virtual” friends! For more information contact Howardcboyle@gmail.com




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Kid’s Names

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What would be a good font for an illuminated manuscript?

Using PictiFont, you can add any illustration to any character you wish to be “illuminated”!

Is PictFont a modern-day version of the illuminated manuscript?

Illuminated letters are letters that are decorated. During the middle ages, monks would copy books by hand since the printing press hadn’t been invented yet.

Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_illuminated_letters#ixzz1SJkJwluW

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