PictiFont: Teacher’s Pet?

A is for Apple

It’s back-to-school time, and I have been paying attention to the news about teachers all over the country (USA) who are dipping into their own pockets to purchase classroom supplies. School budgets are being cut, educators are strapped for cash, and budgets are so tight that teachers’ annual stipends do not cover the cost of materials needed for simple things like decorative borders for classroom bulletin boards, arts and crafts materials, paper stock, etc.  And although I can only speak about the country I live in, I understand that the problem is worldwide. Frankly speaking, I think it is sad that teachers have to come up with funds out of their own pockets to create quality lesson plans for the school year. Teachers feel the pinch, students feel the pain, and parents are being asked to offset the costs of this worsening educational problem.

PictiFont’s typeface having interchangeable indicia can help teachers and educators create lesson plans on a limited budget. Teachers can plan and build classroom lessons with PictiFont simply, and maybe within their annual stipends. The “A is for Apple” illustration above demonstrates PictFont’s translation potential, and below is a brief list of other areas PictFont could help teachers who have access to a computer and a basic editing software.

Teachers and Educators can create:

1. Stickers


3. Charts

4. Math Games

5. Arts and Crafts

6. Language Learning

7. Machine Learning

PictiFont is eager to be “Teacher’s Pet”!


About PictiFont

Mom (Melinda) & Pop (Howard). We are the inventors of a font having interchangeable indicia. www.pictifont.wordpress.com
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