Cereal Box RE-Use featuring PictiFont, paper scraps, and found objects!

Eating my cereal this morning…reading the box…and saw this:  “REUSE — cereal boxes for crafts.  Make cards, gift boxes, and organizers.”

Cereal BoxHmmm….  Okay, then!  I’ll DO it!  And show you how to do create this…

STEP 1:   Draw a few designs that you might like to use as a template for your Card Box.

STEP 2:   Trace your chosen design onto the front of the cereal box and cut out.

STEP 3:   Reverse template and trace on inside or back of box and cut out.

STEP 4:   Cut sides from front edges to back edges to complete your box.

STEP 5:   Choose whatever paper strikes your fancy to cover the outside of your box.  This is a great opportunity to REUSE leftover wrapping paper so it doesn’t end up in a landfill!STEP 6:   Use whatever adhesive you have available to affix the paper to your box.STEP 7:   Trim excess paper from edges.STEP 8:   Repeat Steps 5-7 for inside of box.STEP 9:   Select a word to describe what your box is for, choose a font (I am using PictiFont – Ring and Plain), and print out in a complimentary color.  OR, simply REUSE a phrase cut out of a magazine, old greeting card, junk mail, etc.  STEP 10:   Decorate at will!!!  This is the fun part, and another excuse to use “found objects” and scraps of treasures you have been keeping for just the right project.

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About PictiFont

Mom (Melinda) & Pop (Howard). We are the inventors of a font having interchangeable indicia. www.pictifont.wordpress.com
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