I am a die-hard REAL PAPER scrapbooker! I find that rather conflicts with my desire to save the trees…

SO — in my attempt to balance creativity with conscience, I’ve realized I need to give digital scrapbooking a try. And here is my first attempt, using our own font. The fun part was being able to place additional photos of the site inside the letters, as well as spots of color (as in the name of the location) that tie in to the rest of the page. The flip flops are actually from our On The Beach symbol set, so not only can I use snippets from pics that didn’t make the cut, just about any image can be inserted into the opening to TOTALLY personalize a lay-out! Notice how you can see the background showing through the ring — can’t do that by just placing a circle on top of a letter! And since I am just in the beginning stages of going digital, I don’t have a lot of images built up yet and had to create them from scratch. Watch for the sun and compass in an upcoming nautical-themed symbol set!

As for saving the trees, we heartily encourage everyone to use post-consumer and/or renewable resources when available (hemp, for example) for all your scrapping, stamping, or printing projects.

Point No Point


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Mom (Melinda) & Pop (Howard). We are the inventors of a font having interchangeable indicia. www.pictifont.wordpress.com
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