PictiFont as Robot’s “Frame” of Reference?

Can PictiFont help fuse typography and symbology together to help solve the robot‘s question:

Where in the world am I?

PictiFont has demonstrated to us graphically that the typeface has translation potential, so we will investigate further into the field of Machine learningrobotics and artificial intelligence to find out if the hybrid “font having interchangeable indicia” could help solve some challenges with the robot’s optical character recognition, scene text recognition, text localization, goal recognition, path planning, computational power, landmark recognition, robot vision, and robotic localization, Natural language processing, Sophia. Text to Image.

But more importantly, we would like to see our typeface help humans and robots read the same signage and receive the same information.  We are very excited about PictiFont’s potential for education, both to ourselves as well as our “virtual” friends! For more information contact Howardcboyle@gmail.com





About PictiFont

Mom (Melinda) & Pop (Howard). We are the inventors of a font having interchangeable indicia. www.pictifont.wordpress.com
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