PictiFont Having Interchangeable Indicia Is Alive!

What is a PictiFont®?

PictiFont® is a new and exciting hybrid typeface that provides both graphic and written communication at a glance. Simply drop your graphic file – logo, symbol, photograph, drawing, whatever – into the open spaces that have been integrated into the font characters themselves and you have created a unique visual. The sans serif font includes both open and closed typefaces. Alternative characters are reversed, allowing your graphic to “lock” them together. Each Buying Choice in this family includes PictiFont® – Plain, which features a complete character set for use with the decorative elements or on its own.

PictiFont is easy to use and limitless in its versatility. Patent pending.

As of today, 7/7/11, PictiFont® lives and breathes here onWordPress and at MyFonts.com!  After many months of blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights and endless days, drawing, kerning, erasing, rearranging, rekerning, weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, we have launched our brand new patented product in the form of a “font having interchangeable indicia”.  We are so excited to bring this to the world, and can’t wait to bring you new and fun ideas!  In the near future, be sure to watch for new fonts, new symbol sets, and new ways to use our typefaces.  


About PictiFont

Mom (Melinda) & Pop (Howard). We are the inventors of a font having interchangeable indicia. www.pictifont.wordpress.com
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